Takeshi Yashima is United States based investor. He is professionally reliable, accomplish and responsible person having immense investing experience in many asset classes. With the aim of encouraging the people, who are targeting towards earning financial wealth, he has launched an interactive website for sharing his investing experience, knowledge, and mind set. His website truly acts as a catalyst to numerous people who want to gear-up their journey towards financial freedom. He has a phenomenal experience in real estate and valuable commodities investment.



Takeshi in Childhood and His Career:


Originally, Takeshi was born in the land of Japan. His childhood was somewhat different from other children. He was an unmotivated child who does not have any aspiration for either future or success. Due to the lack of inspiration, he didn’t find interest in studies, and show poor performance in class. The only thing he loved and found fascinating was playing video game. Until, junior high school year, he used to be a poor performer in English, and got “F” almost every time.


Realizing Takeshi’s weakness in studies, his parents and relatives decided to send him to New York City for the change. At that time, his cousin was studying in New York University Stern School of Business, and so suggested him to go in New York to explore and experience the life over there. In the beginning, he refuses to go there, but he was forced to go there.


However, New York turns out to the opportune turning point of his life. By interacting with the people of different nationality, a positive impact had influence on him. His heart felt he was missing many opportunities that had forced him to rethink how he had wasted his time before. Since his returned from NY, he decided to go to United States for further studies to build a bright career. To apply in for University, he quickly started studying all subjects. Through his dedication and hard efforts, his GPA (Grade Point Average) went up dramatically. In high school, he improved a lot and got “A” in almost all the subjects. He gave full concentration on English, so studied it both in school and after school. He concurred 3 years of junior high school within a year in English contents, and had no problem in learning high school English. With his experiences and achievements, he gained courage to concur or do anything if he has a strong desire.


Journey of Takeshi in Building Wealth for Achieving Financial Freedom:


Currently, Takeshi got married to Cindy and resides in Los Angeles, California. Since, he graduated from the University, he put huge efforts for his job. Despite of hard work, he could not get ahead financially and there were not enough cash in his bank account no matter how hard he worked. However, as the saying goes; every successful individual has a unique story behind their success. The same expression applies to Takeshi. He reviewed his life style for change, and so he picked up the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to read. He got an eccentric aspiration from this remarkable book. From the time, he read the book it had made him change the pattern of thinking about the definition of wealth and income. After experiencing this paradigm shift, he convinced his wife to buy more books both on hard copy and audio that relate to wealth building. He and his wife started attending local meeting and seminar that is held regarding wealth accumulation (especially real estate and network with follow investors). From the meetings and seminar, he started to find out and experience numerous opportunities that I thought never existed.  This let him think that he was leaving too much opportunities in the table and he would never go back to this previous reality ever again.

Since then, he started to unlearn everything what he was taught was true and current steps his journey towards building wealth.


Achievements of Takeshi Yashima:

  • Possess 3 years of successful real estate and precious metal investment experience.
  • Successfully completed multiple real estate deals for wealth creation.
  • Researched and shared his perspective on vast experience and knowledge of investment, view of current global economy, personal development and investment secrets and posted over 100 blogs of the related topics.


Takeshi’s Favorite Game on How to Learn Accumulate Wealth:


Takeshi plays Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow game at least twice in a month as he believes this game needed to be played by everyone for their financial education. He diligently continues playing this game with investors as he gain something new to learn every time he played with others. He feels that cashflow game teaches not only investing skills, but educate on how the rich thinks. According to his point of view, he strongly believe that this game revolutionizes an individual mindset about wealth and forces to let people realized the difference between assets and liabilities.


Takeshi exceptional experience in investment has help in catching the correct track for building and accumulating wealth. His outstanding skills in investment have supported in achieving financial freedom.


                                              Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad                
                                          Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki, Takeshi and His wife Cindy.


                                                           Sometimes It's Better You Hear It From Others!


"Takeshi is very knowledgable across a broad spectrum of macroeconomic trends and investment strategies. He is dedicated to sharing his wealth of knowledge with his clients and co-investors."  
Hunter Thompson, Investor, Mortgage Note Broker, Owner of http://www.thecashflowisking.com


"Takeshi has been a great resource for my financial education and investment resources. He operates a really fantastic website focused on topics such as global economics, geo-political affairs, real estate and gold and silver investing. I get the latest spin on current economic events from Ken and look forward to future partnering."
Richard Young, Technology Strategist and Investor


"I have known Takeshi through a charity event and he turn out to be more than just a friend. I gained so much financial knowledge from him and his website. Through Takeshi, I found great opportunity in investing for passive income. Takeshi’s passion for financial knowledge is incredible and would motivate anyone! His website is a great financial platform like no other! Thank you Takeshi and keep up the good work!" 

Brian BC Voon, Civil Engineer


"Takeshi is a professional who has a passion for financially educating the general public about the economic climate and methods to responding appropriately to the economy. His responses to my inquiries are always timely, substantial, and practical. His breadth of knowledge ranges from investments and current economic climate and philosophy to personal financing, goal setting, and mindset training. A well resourced person to with whom one should be connected."
Sophia Cho Johnson, Edupreneur


"Takeshi has an indepth understanding of the economy and his website is a wealth of information. He is very generous with his knowledge on current economic issues.... His website http://www.takeshiyashima.com/ is full of timely information - a must visit daily to keep up with what's going on in the world economy and personal finance."
Rudy Lira Kuruma, Shortsale Negotiator at RE/MAX at http://www.shortsaleplatinum.com


"Takeshi is a great person to know and befriend if you're interested in learning how to build wealth and how to preserve it as well!"
Jay Yip, Instructional Technologist


"It is with great pleasure and honor to be able to recommend Takeshi who is one of our very successful 360 Investments® Client, Investor, Afffiliate, Coach and soon to be Franchisee. Takeshi educates himself in real estate investing, global economics & markets, and generously provides his in-depth knowledge to others. We feel very fortunate to have Takeshi in our circle and as our advocate!!!"
Crystal Han, Managing Director of Pipeline Financial Service at http://www.PipelineFinancialServices.com, Assistant Manager at 360 Investments® at http://www.360investments.net


"I have worked with Takeshi on multiple real estate projects and have found him to be ethical and a great resource and knowledge base. He has taught me quite a bit about gold and silver investing and general economic philosophies and I have gained quite a bit of knowledge just by reading his blog articles regarding the economy. I would recommend working with Takeshi as I have had nothing but positive experiences while working with him myself."
Mathew Owen, CPA, Owner of OCG Properties, LLC at http://www.ocgproperties.com


"I've known Takeshi for a few years now. Its always great when I get a chance to see him. I always enjoy our conversations/brain storming sessions. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our economy, our money system, gold/silver, and investing in out of state real estate."
Kyle Ngo, Realtor - Selling Partner at Team NuVision


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