First time I realized how important building solid investment and business foundation was back in 2008 when I met one individual...

He changed my total perception about wealth...  He was a business owner as well as investor that earns well over million dollars a year.

Even with short period of time spent the time with him, I learned so many things that I did not even think it existed...  During that time, I truly felt


I can never be wealthy with W-2...


Since then, I have attended various financial education opportunities including meeting, seminar and network events.  Again, I have met many successful people and reinforce my new belief...

However, although I could attend some of local educational event in certain topic, I could not find the topic that I really want to learn.  In other words, all of local educational events in my area could not cover the topic that I really want to learn...

So, I started to look for the financial education site online...


Now, I found top notch financial education websites that I believe it's worth checking out.  To be honest, these two sites are much more worth than the all the local educational events I have attended past few years...

I will add more online financial education site as I find...


Click banners below to find out.  Enjoy!


evgheader Crashproof


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