Many baby-boomers lost their life saving due to crash of 2008.  Nearly 40% of balance in retirement account such as 401K evaporated into thin air.


Now, they have to delay their retirement or worse, they can't retire at all because of this.


In an effort to recoup their loss, they are looking for the way to get back what they have lost.  As conventional wisdom said, they figure that only way to get higher return is to take more risk. 


Good news is: It does not have to be that way...


What if there is a investment that you will never lose money, even if stock market crashes to Zero?  Most people think that this is some kind of scam...  However...


It is further from the truth.


There is a investment vehicle using certain financial instrument that everyone has heard about.  That is.


Life Insurance


Many who hear this first time think "It is impossible...  life insurance is used in case of somebody's death!"


Yes.  I am sure that 99% of population think just like you are...


Yet, this investment vehicle is actually used by many wealthy individuals for their wealth preservation and retirement...  


We call this "Ultimate Banking"


Nowadays, you should put the money into the investment that has multiple benefits.  While many of those investment vehicles are hidden from the public, ultimate banking does exactly that...


You know how banking works.  You can deposit money, get interest and take out money and sometimes get the loan.  Ultimate banking is very similar to the usual banking but with steroid...


For example, people are currently earning less than 1% in saving account.  Ultimate banking pays 1 - 13.5% even if stock market crashes to ZERO...


Moreover, instead of paying interest to the bank, you can actually EARN the interest from money you borrow...


This is just the beginning...


  1. They are extremely liquid so you can take out the money within few days time (Unlike traditional retirement account or real estate) 

  2. You can take out your money absolutely tax free (Not tax deferred like 401K)

  3. You can borrow money and pay yourself back with interest next to nothing (Typically 0.75% for 1st 10 years and absolutely 0% after 10th year).

  4. You can use this vehicle for estate planning purpose

  5. You can access to the money in case of disability.

  6. Of course, this gives you traditional death benefit.



I was totally blown away and thrilled when I found out such investment strategy even existed.  This banking strategy alone already possess very powerful features like above.  However, you will soon find out how powerful this insurance is once you put this to use to multiply your wealth....


You can potentially use this system to borrow money in next to nothing and invest in any investment opportunities that I introduced in my website or others...


However, this is not one fit all system.  How you set up this system is totally depending on your individual situation.  You need to sit down and discuss with qualified financial strategist to set up your own version depending on your income, investment objective and future planning.

If you need your own ultimate banking set up, You can contact me by filling out the form below and I can introduce qualified financial strategist. 


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