Three Traps that hinder your Success

It’s been over 5 years since I started my wealth building journey.  Especially, I absolutely had no investment or business knowledge when I started out.  In retrospect, I felt amazed how much I grow.

However, at the same time, I have made lots of mistakes that prevent me from progressing toward my goal.  In this blog, I would like to show some of those pitfalls that I personally fall into.  So that some readers won’t make same mistake.

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Turning Point: Las Vegas Business Convention

Last month, I have attended the business convention for entrepreneur in Las Vegas.  Can you guess how many attendees attended that event?

Over 25,000 like-minded business entrepreneurs…

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How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

Current economic changes affects thousands if not millions of people.  Since fall of Lehman Brothers (Crash of 2008), hardworking people’s retirement was almost slashed in half and record numbers of people are unemployed or underemployed.

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Key to Predicting Financial / Economic Future

Every day, we are using paper currency as if it is normal. Actually, paper money system is one of the biggest failed experiments throughout our history.

History of paper money is much older than most people can imagine. First attempt on this paper money system was all the way back to Roman Empire during 1st century AD. In the beginning of empire on 54th AD, it's currency: Denarius was approximately 94% silver.

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Burning Heart

I have met many investor-wannabes throughout my financial freedom journey and I have seen many people come and go.  Even within the one investing meeting, only few people continually come to the meeting.  Rest of 90% quits along the way.  I usually hear from those 90% of people saying

-          I have to work late so I can’t go to the meeting

-          I don’t feel like to come to the meeting today because I am tired

-          I want to come to the meeting but my spouse opposes.

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Wealthy Understand about Investing

Today, I met some of my ex-coworkers from the plant and all of them were excited and I asked them why.  Their answer were:

"We can finally get into the 401K program that offered by union.  We are so excited to participate into the program"

After the open enrollment, I asked some people if many people actually signed up and it seems that majority of people actually signed up on the spot.

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Middle Class is in decline

In every crisis, whether crisis is tech bubble on 2000 or housing bubble on 2008, it seems that middle class people are always victim of every crisis and rich and wealth people either capitalize from every crisis or protect against it.  Many hard working middle classes' wealth were evaporated because of those crisis.  This notion seems true not only for those financial crisis, but also most of events that taking place in every aspect of our life.  Funny thing is that wealthy people are also capitalizing from all other events as well.   

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Why Most Fail in Network Marketing Business

If you read the 1st part of the blog, it sounds great.  Unlimited income potential with great support structure.  Moreover, it is so cheap to get into the network marketing industry.  Yet,

More than 95% of people quit without making any money...

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Network Marketing: New Wave of Business Model

As soon as people hear about Network Marketing, have you ever experienced following reaction?

Is this pyramid scheme?

What they don't know is that conventional corporations also look like pyramid scheme...  CEO paid the most and VPs get second, directors get third... all the way down to the employees on the bottom...

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Interest Rate and Its Implication to our Economy

If you are reading my blog, there are countless discussion about interest rate.  Many people simply don't understand what's high interest rate or low interest rate do to our economy, although many understand about interest rate in individual level such as buying a car or houses etc.  If person buys the car with high interest rate, then amount he or she has to pay will be greater than those who buy a car with lower interest rate.  In order to understand how interest rate affects overall economy, we need to expand little more.  In this blog, I will explore each different outcomes of changing interest rate.

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In this section, I mainly discuss about my thought regarding to the current condition of economy or other related event.

I will sometimes comment about book I read.  I hope this book review will help some people start investing.

In this section, I will mainly discuss about general investment knowledge, specific investment vehicles and some tips and techniques I learned from my experiences.

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