Unlike blog title said, I am not going to discuss about movie Matrix.  But, I would like to share my thought about recent video clip called "Secret of the Matrix" by David Icke.  I've been posting similar topics in my past blog but what the video clip said was much deeper than what I wrote on past blog and I have started to feel more and more certain that this world is actually controlled by very few people without letting masses unnoticed when I watched his video clip.  In my opinion, David Icke's speech on that Youtube video was dead on and I can't help sharing his thought to the readers. 

 Word of caution!  Some of people may think I am crazy but please be open minded when reading this post.  But, the more you understand what happened in the past history (This happened over and over if you carefully research), the more it will make sense.  The video clip was pretty long so I would like to share his idea that I most agree with; Power that to be create the illusion in population's head that lead them to think only certain way and limit their thinking.  They fully understand that all people's physical action and behavior is coming from their mind.  Therefore, all they have do is to program people to their version of the reality so that masses will behave exactly what the power that to be want them to behave.  Now, some people wonders how they do this?  In order to accomplish this, they created establishment called "Education System" and "Media". 

According to the David, the reason why manipulators created these two establishments is to set the norm to the society.  What is good and bad, what is possible and impossible, what is sane or insane and what is right or wrong etc.  If both education system and media keep programing these norms to the masses' head, then it becomes norm in the society.  If you think about it, do you wonder why government required all of us to separate from their parents and go to school at very early age for almost entire week all the way till end of high school?  To me, this is simply in form of mind control that let people behave in certain way.  Most of people will stay in that norm for rest of their life.  However, small percentage of people figure out that living in that norm is extremely limited and starts acting differently from the masses.  Then, what happened?  People fully indoctonated from this norm will bring these people down by condemning and criticizing for being different.  Unfortunately, power that to be takes this into consideration.  This process makes sure that maximum people are contained into that norm so that they never know what's actually going on behind the scene.  Let's dive into exactly what this means.

Let's take a look at education system as an example.  What education system wants to do is to destroy their individual infinite thinking from left brain to make sure that masses will stay within the norm they have created.  Therefore, it wants to program people limited way of thinking by blocking the left brain by teaching (programing) those norm to the children.  This can be lecture or test as most people know.  So if they can demonstrate exactly what education system wants us to be, those students (Sheeple) will get rewarded.  However, children, who look out for themselves or in other words trying to be out from the norm, will be punished by putting label of "They are stupid" or "They are disrupting the classroom" etc.  As a result of this, most people will stay within the norm so that they will behave exactly what power that to be wants.  

I was surprised to learn that this manipulation of human mind has been going on for very long time (hundreds of years not through the education system but other mechanism which I will write in the future blog because this is very facinating!).  Once this starts making sense to me, some of questions I had for a long time start to become crystal clear such thing as why graduates from prestigious university like Harvard work for the school drop out like Michael Dells of Dell Computer, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook or Bill Gates from Microsoft.  In fact, I was one of the victims of this system.  At first, I thought it is impossible to be a millionaire for example.  Once I started to see the other side (getting know the truth), I can start to see beyond the norm of what others can't see and I realized it is not impossible at all and in fact there are many ways to accomplish as I could start to unleash my infinite possiblity by utilizing the ability of left side of the brain that I could not use in the past.

I know some people are still very skeptical about this because it may be so detached from reality for some people.  You don't have to fully believe what I say here but just put this thinking into your forehead that it might be a possibility.  I am saying this because I did not even think it is possible when this introduced to me like few years ago.  However, the more I study about history, geopolitics and current event, the more certain and logical it becomes. 



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