Since I started educating myself, I have read many books, joined online financial education membership sites (Newsletters and video training etc), and meetings and seminars in order to learn the financial knowledge necessary to take action.  After experiencing all this, I found out that none of the investments are particularly bad investments, but there are just inexperienced investors that do not understand the factors I discussed in the last blog; thus choosing the wrong investment at the wrong time.  The core of my opinion is that people will never pick the wrong investment choice if they understand the big picture.  In this blog, I would like to introduce recommended resources that I personally used to understand the foundation of my financial education.

Books: These 4 books are a must-read to understand the basics!

Online Financial Education:

Although I am subscribed to many online educational sites, the best membership financial educational site I ever subscribed to is The Elevation Group.  This educational site not only teaches the knowledge necessary to make your own financial decision by fully understanding those three factors, but also, actually offers the members great investment opportunities not available to the average people.  At the least, I recommend you to listen to what Mike Dillard has to say about this general economic outlook on his free webinar.  I can guarantee you that it is well worth your time.

To me, understanding those three factors from the last blog are critical in order to pinpoint what kind of investments are good or bad.  It seems complicated to understand this at first.  But, I can assure you that it will get easier and easier once you understand the basics.  I hope those resources will give you courage to learn enough financial education to take action and make your own financial decisions.


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