It is a challenge to succeed.  If it were not, I am sure many more people would already be successful.  Although there are more than enough seminars, audio programs, and books about investing and business for people to be successful, only a few handful of people actually become successful.  I have met many successful investors and business owners for the past 3 years and I found out that there is actually a difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

 I can truly say that one of them is content and context.  Successful people continue expanding their context, so that they can learn and absorb more content.  Where as unsuccessful people do not possess the big context, they cannot absorb the contents that lie beyond their reality.  In this blog, I discuss how context and content are actually related to the level of success.

To describe what is context and content, here is a simple example.  Think of context as the glass cup and content as water.  If the glass cup itself is very small, this glass only can contain a small amount of water.  This glass cannot contain any more water until the glass becomes bigger.  Otherwise, the water will spill over once the glass is full.  When it comes to success, it is like this example.  Unsuccessful people are like small glasses.  They do not have enough context to contain enough content.  Have you ever seen people who know everything?  Whenever we ask a question to those people, their response (or attitude) is always, "I know that!"  Yet, those people usually are not particularly successful.  To me, this is the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people.  T. Harv Eker, the author of Secret of the Millionaire Mind, said in one of his wealth quote that "Rich people are constantly learning and growing.  Poor people think they already know."  I can honestly say that this statement is so true.  All of the successful people I look up continue expanding their context so that they can absorb more content.  Not single successful person has ever said to me "I know that" or similar expressions to that.

Moreover, context will influence the way we see our reality.  If we have bigger context, we can see the world in ways people with small context cannot see.  For example, many people think that the only way for them to earn their living is getting the job and sticking to the job for rest of their life, so that they can get secure benefits and retirement plans.  Because they do not have bigger context, they think this is the only way.  I wrote in a past blog about my conversation with my boss. He told me that it is impossible to earn $5 million during our lifetime simply because he believes that working for his job is only way to obtain income due to his small context.  On the other hand, for people who have bigger context, they can see many more opportunities and ways to create their wealth and happiness.  Going back to the $5 million talk with my boss, I do believe that it is absolutely possible to obtain $5 million based on what I can see down the road.  The bigger context we have, the more we can see the things and opportunities that other people cannot.

So, how do we expand our context?  In my experience, expanding our mindset is crucial.  The best way to expand or even revolutionize our way of thinking is meeting as many successful people as possible, and spending as much time with them as possible.  My mindset totally changed when I met my ex-mentor 3 years ago.  He was earning well over $1.5 million annually (In his reality, it will only take a little more than 3 years to achieve the thing that my boss thinks impossible to achieve) and was very easy to talk to.  I was totally shocked to learn that this kind of world actually existed.  Once I noticed this new reality, something inside of me changed and my limited thinking  vanished.  In other words, I expanded my context.  This was my biggest turning point and I have constantly continued expanding my context by meeting more and more successful people since then.

Expanding our context is one of the most important elements in order to be truly successful.  To me, we have to build our successful mindset (Context) before learning the individual knowledge (Content).  Remember, we can never absorb the content bigger than our current size of our context.  I would suggest to the people who want success to meet as many successful people as possible and further personal development via audio books.  In my experience, those activities certainly helped me and I hope those activities will help you too.


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